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The only monthly membership created to power up your photography business by showing you how to master all areas of your bookkeeping, finances, and taxes so you can grow your business and always be ready for tax day!

Hey Photographer!

I see you, you're here because you're ready to be LEGIT!

You’ve already take the first steps and enrolled in one of my courses or programs.

Now that you know WHAT to do... it's time to actually IMPLEMENT it month after month and keep the momentum going.

The Legit Photographer Membership is my content companion.

This exclusive membership will allow you to leverage the knowledge you gain inside of my programs and courses and ascend to the next phase of business ownership as a photographer with an Accountant (me) right by your side, and almost literally in your pocket. 

I'm here to answer your question and help you take the content even further.  As your business grows and scales, so will your bookkeeping and tax strategies!

I’ll be here with you every step of the way. 

Together, with my exclusive member's only facebook community and weekly Zoom calls - I got you!

No longer will you be overwhelmed by bookkeeping, taxes and keeping it all organized on your own. 

Get ready because inside The Legit Photographer membership you'll transform into a financially confident legit photography business owner!

Dare I say, you'll be too legit to quit!? 

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The Legit Photographer Membership

Exclusive Community + Support


I’ll be there for you! Jump on these calls each month for help on anything from tax questions, to screen sharing and whatever is needed to move you through the content and applying it to your photography business.

What you'll get:


Weekly Zoom Call Live face to face zoom calls to get answers to your questions. We can even share screen if this is helpful in learning content from my programs. These calls are also recorded and available to access on the back end at your leisure.


Highly Active Group With Other Like Minded Photographers. Being able to go through this program with other like minded individuals helps make the experience that much richer.


Ask Tiffany Anything At Anytime. Simply post your question and get it answered so you can be moving smoothly forward. 

“I am excited to work on my bookkeeping now!

It is no longer a pain point. It is something that I see as a tool in my business, and that would have never been possible without Tiffany. And I cannot say enough praises about her and her investment in her students”


Quit putting it off! Join me and let's get LEGIT!
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