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  Photographer, you're here because you know it's time to get financially fit and completely legit so you can keep more of what you make legally.
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You’re rocking this photography business thing.
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You’ve turned your passion into a profit machine. 💸
You have built a beautiful business from the front end that allows you to work with dream clients, and

You went through a lot to get here, just like Dorothy.
(Remember, she started out in black and white on a farm during a tornado)

It wasn’t always easy on the journey to get to where you are, but like Dorothy, you have arrived!

 You have those Dorothy lands in OZ vibes 

You know - the magical moment she stepped out of the black and white disheveled house into a technicolor dream world… 
It's all going great!
Well... except for where it's not. 😭
The backend of your business sometimes makes you feel more like the Wizard of Oz....
You’re not sure how long you can hold it all together before someone peeks behind the curtain, and the whole empire comes crashing down. 
 >>> LISTEN <<<
We both know you’re here because it’s time to get legit.
Because when you can finally be IRS compliant, understand all your business numbers, and turn your tax time nightmare into a dream...

Then you know that you will be fully stepping into your greatness and finally have confidence in all aspects of your photography business. 

And that’s what we will do together.
 It all happens inside: 

No longer will you lay in bed at night feeling like an imposter...

Because to the world, you look like you have it all together, but behind the scenes, you're sick to your stomach about:

Sales Tax - and worrying if you're doing it right
Your Bookkeeping - and how it leaves much to be desired
Your Taxes - because you’re pretty sure you're going to owe a small fortune at tax time
Plus you had no clue you’re required to make quarterly estimated income tax payments.

It’s enough to make you want to burn it down and stick your head in the sand.

🔥 Put those matches away…

Join  The Legit Photographer Collective  and get exclusive access to ALL of my top-rated accounting & bookkeeping course content (not sold anywhere else) built specifically for your photography business.
Become part of an engaged community of like-minded photographers and enjoy live Accountant support, Monthly Masterclasses, and so much more!
Much like the yellow brick road,
The Legit Photographer Collective walks you through a specifically designed success path to take you from where you are now and transforms you into the Legit Photographer you will soon become. 

Each phase contains content and tools to move you to the next. You become more legit with each phase of advancement. 


 Business Foundations 

This stage is where you learn about the foundation of running a photography business. High-level overview to help you understand the steps to come as we start to set up you're photography business and get you compliant.

 What You'll Learn: 

 Business Structure - Which one is right for you and when to change
All The Taxes - that affect your photography business
Business Income & Expenses - What income is reportable  + what deductible and what’s not - this may surprise you!
Contracted Labor  Contractors vs Employees & what are the laws)
How to pay yourself - After all you want to make a living, so let’s talk about getting paid)
Bookkeeping - You knew this was coming, this is how we get you financially organized)
Tax Planning - build your own financial crystal ball and no longer be surprised at tax time


 Setup & Compliance 

In this phase, we start taking action and work through getting your business named and appropriately structured, obtaining any needed business licenses, understanding Sales Tax, and getting you compliant. In addition, we walk through the various accounts your business needs and how to set them up properly. This phase gets you started on the right foot.

 What You'll Accomplish: 

Pick your business Structure - Name and formation completed
Obtain your Tax ID - Now we’re getting legit
Business Licenses - Obtain any license required by your state
Sales Tax Registration - Yup, gettin’ compliant now
Contractors Compliance - Gather all documents needed and get organized for 1099 time.
Open Business Accounts  - Open a new business bank account with you're new formation and tax id along with any other needed accounts such as business amazon, PayPal, Venmo, etc..


 Financial Organization 

In phase 3, we walk together step by step through your complete QuickBooks Online Setup. As a bonus, I can extend my QuickBooks Online discount to you. Together we'll set up all of your bookkeeping and get you up to date. your sales tracking in QuickBooks Online for easy reporting. Next, we’ll review all Photography CRMs and integrate them with QBO. Finally, we’ll create and review financial reports to see how your business is doing.

 What You'll Accomplish: 

Setup Proper Bookkeeping - Full QuickBooks Online Setup
Catchup Bookkeeping - Bring it current and get it all reconciled
Sales Tax Compliance - Sales Tax Tracking setup in QBO
QBO + Your CRM - For efficient sales recording into QBO
Mileage Tracking - Setup in QBO
Home Office Deduction - Setup Log


 Routine Maintenance 

In this phase, we coast into a routine maintenance schedule for you to keep your books up to date and review financial reports regularly. Then, we will dive deeper by learning how to use Tax Planner Pro to link into your QuickBooks Online file and create a quarterly estimated tax plan! Lastly, we cover how to turn your QuickBooks Online financials into a turbo tax return!

 What You'll Accomplish: 

Create Routine Checklist - Monthly, Quarterly & Annual unique to your business
Quarterly Tax Planning - Get free access to Tax Planner Pro App with a walkthrough lesson to sync from QBO and create your own tax plan.
Create Financial Reports - Build your financial statements and learn what to look at each month and how to read these reports to make business decisions.
Tax Filing - Learn how to export your QBO data into Turbotax so you can file your taxes!


 Level Up 

This phase supports you when you’re ready to go deeper and make business decisions that may affect your financial and tax situation. We will cover everything you need to understand how to handle these potential tax changes. We will dive deeper into business growth topics and hear from you to help you level up and grow your photography business.

 What You'll Cover: 

S-Corp - So you can keep more of what you make
Pricing yourself (Guest Lesson)
Payroll (adding employees or you're own payroll if you are S-Corp)
Move into Studio (Purchase / Rent)
Purchase Company Vehicle
And more!
The process to becoming the Legit Photographer you are meant to be...
Your goal is to get to Phase 4 where you are maintaining  your books and planning for taxes.

You will dip into phase 5 each time you want to level up your growth. Then, you'll cycle back into phase 4 to keep it going consistently, and then you'll repeat as you grow.

Best of all, you'll have me in your pocket - an accountant and tax pro to support you every step of the way!
You'll begin your Legit Photographer Journey by starting your phases the moment you step inside.
It all happens with pinpointed, on-demand course content that you can access from anywhere, at anytime, on your schedule and do it completely at your own pace. This, paired with access to me to ask any question, anytime you need it.
PLUS! You will ALSO get...

 Private Community with Other Photographers 

You'll gain immediate access to the robust private community to connect with fellow photographers and with me.
Post questions and get answers from both your peers and me. 

 3 LIVE Q+A Calls via Zoom per Month 

There will be 3 live zoom calls with me every single month where you can learn all the things you need to know to stay legit, compliant, and thriving in your photography business.

What you'll get:


Monthly Masterclass - Every month, there will be a new live masterclass (with replay) to help you power up your photography business.

Here are ju
st a few of the master classes that will be coming up:

  • How to become a preferred vendor
  • How to price yourself 
  • Niche Specific training (Boudoir, Pet Photography, Wedding, Maternity, etc)
  • Photography specific CRM Walkthroughs 
  • So much more!

QBO LIVE Q+A I'll answer all your QBO questions on setup and process and even screen share to walk you through if you need it.


Bookkeeping & Tax Q+A - I’ll answer all your tax and bookkeeping questions to keep you compliant and confident as you move forward financially organized.


How to handle sales LIVE discussion - We will review how you can bring your income into QBO from various CRMs and payment processors. This will allow you to see more efficient or be inspired to streamline your systems or get help getting your system to play nice.

Tax Planner Pro (Access)

I’m going to give you access to the same exact tool I used to create tax plans for my one on one clients!

What you'll get:


Free access to the most robust tax planning app. This is the same tool I use with my one on one clients.


Create Your Tax Plan - start this year off with a bang when you generate your first official tax plan. Who says taxes can’t be sexy? I’ll walk you through how to get set up and play with the various scenarios and when you walk away with a plan in hand, you’ll be the one showing tax season who’s boss!

By going through this program 
You will:


Be organized & prepared for tax time (instead of spending another year promising yourself you will get it together)


Understand all the entities (Sole Proprietor, DBA, LLC, or S-Corp) and pick the business structure that is best for you.


Know exactly how to handle Sales Tax in your state and any state you do business in.


Know exactly how to pay yourself for the best tax advantage.


Be saving for Retirement (retirement is not exclusive to someone residing in a cubicle! You can (and should) leverage your business to save for your future too. I’ll show you how to do it.)


Know exactly how to do your bookkeeping so you stay organized all year long with ease. I’ll show you the system and processes that will work best for how you run your photography business so it’s a match made in heaven!


Be proactive with a Tax Plan and know exactly how much you need to pay quarterly so that you can get money back come tax time. (I have an online tax planning tool just for you!)

Join the waitlist so you can be the first to hear when they reopen
Here are just a few of the many photographers I've helped with my courses and programs. Now, you'll get access to EVERYTHING all in one place.
"For the first time ever, I went into tax season this year stress free and I actually feel confident in my growth. Tiffany was the first person to explain my bookkeeping and taxes in terms that I understood! She provided me with step by step, actionable skills that allowed me to quit pushing off my bookkeeping and gain control of my business finances. Having Tiffany's support has taken a huge weight off my shoulders."
“Tiffany, in general, has really made a huge impact on my business and my life. I just feel so much more empowered. She really gives you the knowledge to take it all on for yourself so you can understand what you're doing in your business and how to keep striving onward and upward.”
“Tiffany is so responsive to your questions and your needs. And she's so happy to share information and educate you without making you feel like you should have known that or you're kind of dumb for not knowing that. She's just so great about the way that she shares and gives knowledge and I love that aspect of everything that she has given.”
"Before I found Tiffany, for years I had a fear of failing because I might trust the wrong information and this had honestly stopped me from taking those next steps for my photography business. Then I found Tiffany and this program! This program hasn't just given me a sense of direction, it has given me a straight and focused path. The most important thing for me that I have achieved is the confidence in knowing and taking my next steps in my photography business. Join this program - do it! 
"One of the biggest struggles I was running into was being organized and staying organized! I also did not know anything about the back end of running a business. I had definitely put the cart before the horse as most of us do! Then I found this program and let me tell you, everything inside is laid out so simply and it's so easy to understand! It's overwhelming starting everything up but Tiffany explains it all in great detail, plus having the group helps so much! This is an investment that’s worth the money, it's completely saved me from having so much stress! Also it’s a “do it at your own pace” kind of program which I love.
I used to have horrible anxiety when it came to tax season, and I would have to pause my business for two weeks just to get everything in order. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I decided to take Tiffany's course! It was an amazing investment in my business. Tiffany talked me through tax basics all the way up to tax planning, and I am so much more confident as a business owner now! I know I am doing things the right way, and I can stop stressing every tax season! I highly recommend this course to business owners!!

"I'm blown away by how much I've learned."

I was so intimidated by QuickBooks and was sure I was going to mess something up.. So I just didn’t do it. I am so grateful for this program. I can’t recommend it enough to my friends. I’m blown away by how much I’ve learned. Tiffany has a way of explaining the process that we “get”… beautiful clear instructions with a friendly tone. It really feels like I am learning from a friend.


"Now I feel I can conquer my bookkeeping!"

I was so far behind in my bookkeeping and I really didn’t think I could do it on my own, but I couldn’t afford to have someone do my bookkeeping for me, so I joined this program. This really is everything that is listed in the description and more. I feel more confident after going through this program, because now I feel that I can conquer this myself because I always know I have Tiffany to help me if I get stuck.”


Success with "Master Your Bookkeeping" - now found inside The Legit Photographer Collective
Success with "Total Tax Transformation" - now found inside The Legit Photographer Collective
Success with "Total Tax Transformation" - now found inside The Legit Photographer Collective
Success with "Total Tax Transformation" - now found inside The Legit Photographer Collective
Success with "Total Tax Transformation" - now found inside The Legit Photographer Collective
Success with courses & accountant help - now found inside The Legit Photographer Collective

I'm excited about taking each step with you...

I'm Tiffany Bastian, Accountant & Tax pro for Photographers. And look, even though I am an accountant - I know what it’s been like to be a financial hot mess. When I first started my business, I grew quickly and had under planned for taxes. I ended up with a hefty IOU to the IRS. I swore that day to myself that this would never happen again. From there I restructured my business, developed a plan of attack and began tax planning and never looked back. 

This is the same plan I use for every single one on one client I have and this is the same plan I am going to walk you through.  

You owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what the financially confident you look like. 

To finally be able to focus and channel all your creative juices to grow your business!

If you accept my invitation, I promise that going through these 5 phases will transform you and your business.

I can’t wait to meet you!

See you inside!

Enroll in The Legit Photographer Collective Today!

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